How to Play Major Piano Chords for Beginners [Infographic]


Learning to play piano can be a little overwhelming at first. Understanding piano scales, songs, and chords are something you can handle with continuous practice. In fact, when you can play piano, you will be able to compose wonderful songs of your own.

Piano Chords differ from Piano Notes

Piano chords are a harmonic set of three or more notes that are playing simultaneously. It will be repetitive all through the song so once you have memorized it, you can play the entire piece easily.

However, chords are different from notes. Piano notes are the sounds produced by hitting the keys on the piano. It runs from A to G or C to G, depending on the key you are playing. You will also notice that the left-hand plays the chord while the right-hand includes the melody.

Notes on the keyboard are composed of white and black keys. White keys are C-D-E-F-G-A-B after B is the same order on the next octave. While black keys have two name notes for every key. If a black note is above the white tone to the right, it has the same name but with a sharp added. But when a black note is below the white tone, it also has the same name but with sharp B added as shown in the picture below.

Picking a Major Chord

The major chords are the most common chords in the piano. It creates sounds that are pleasant to the ears. Starting with major chords for beginners is a great idea because they are the easiest to play and understand. The picture below shows the notes C-E-G. To play the chord, press down all the keys with red colors simultaneously.


From the information given above, it should be easy to pick out the major chords you want to play. It will take numerous practices but you will get there, you just have to be patient. You will eventually understand and master every piece. Just remember the instructions given to keep you on the right track. So practice regularly until you can create a piece of your own. Good luck!


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