The Secret To Singing And Playing Guitar At The Same Time


Are you in trouble singing and playing guitar at the same time? Many aspiring musicians today are having a hard time matching up their vocals with a guitar.It could be difficult at first to bring out a good timing of producing a melody and a lyric, at the same time. We are here to share some secrets to pull off your very first song on your playlist!

For a beginner, it is a bit challenging to do different actions to produce a song. It demands to play an instrument while singing. The good news is,you can learn one thing at a time until you are ready to start a performance.Start from getting familiar with all the guitar chords, you can start on the basic chords. Read on for some more tips to get started!

Things to Remember

Accept the fact that singing along with a guitar could not be done in one sitting.It takes a lot of discipline, countless hours of practice, and a love for music to finish a song.

Create a habit for a week. Lend not more than five minutes to practice your craft. Always remember that making mistakes is part of the process. Someday soon you will be producing original songs and inspire others too.

7 Basic Secrets of Great Musicians Today

Before Taylor Swift gained the spotlight, she is once a learner just like you today. There was never a great musician without going through the following tips to put together a beautiful song you are hearing nowadays.Consider the below tips to start making music, maybe tomorrow!

1. Find an easy song

If you do not still have a lyric,take advantage of some of your favorite songs.It is important to start with a song with simple chords not to get frustrated easily. Avoid complicating things that might exceed your current skills.

Pick a short song with only a few chords to easily remember every detail. Once you picked a good song,listen to it a lot with headphones on.

Then, proceed with the next steps.

2. Learn the guitar chords

Listen to the original recording while learning the guitar chords for faster results. That is why we recommend starting with an easy song not to have any struggles in learning the guitar part.

Make sure you are familiar with the basic chords. The internet has to offer much guitar tutorials you can avail for free. Do not consider the proper strumming yet, just learn the chords that match your skill level.

Do it again and again until you master the right positioning of the fingers, even without looking at the strings.

3. Study the song


It is time to work on your vocals or on how to sing the song right.To make things easier, write out the lyrics of the song on a piece of paper. It would be easier to memorize a thing that way. You might also study the emotions of the song for future performances.

Listen to every beat of the song to get the right phrasing of the lyrics.Each syllable over a song is necessary to know about for someday use.

Sing the song out loud while on a shower to prepare your vocals for more song covers in the future.

4. Learn the strumming pattern

Now that you get familiar with the song better than before,you can practice the strumming pattern. Some artists provide the strumming pattern of their song in a down-up pattern.After you listen to the song many times, it would be easier to know its proper strumming pattern.

A metronome-type of strumming is necessary for beginners.It is a simple strumming pattern with only a single direction, specifically in downwards motion.You can spend 10-minutes a day by just strumming your guitar to get the right timing.

Metronome makes every aspiring musician be consistent in playing the guitar and other stringed instruments. After a few weeks, you will see a better outcome in your strumming skills.

When you already master the basic strumming pattern,you can go with the picking pattern.It is more complex than the prior skill, which requires a lot of practice.

Foot tapping helps to measure the beat of every strum you make.

5. Slowly play the song

The prior steps will make you play the song imperfectly at first.Well, that is okay for the beginners.Begin playing the song at a slow phase, with the proper chords, strumming, and wordings.Do not proceed with this part without mastering the above steps.

It would be impossible to play the song perfectly at full speed. The rhythm may not meet your singing speed.In short, it will be a mess.

Jump onto the first line of the song. Errors are normal as you begin playing the first time, so do not be discouraged. You can play line by line to iron out all the difficult parts.

Keep the process as slow as possible until you can finally play the guitar while singing effortlessly.

6. Learn to change chords

Most songs do have a simple set of chords that beginners can learn from.But, some musician sneed to change chords just to hit higher or lower notes.Perhaps you can be that kind of artist someday on your songs.

In making a song, the guitar must adapt to your vocals and can be vice-versa. You may notice changing the chords as you sing the song over again. This music secret applies to those who are expert in playing the guitar.As time passes by,you might decide to alter the chords of your songs into a more acoustic sound.

One way to alter chords is by moving the fret.The easier way to change the key could be using a capo. By the latter way, there is no need to change the original chord to alter the key. Explore online for more details on how to use a capo.

7. Play the song

Finally, you can incorporate vocals while playing the guitar after a lot of practice.Slow it down when you feel you need to, as you are still in the learning process.

Along playing the song, you will see some slips that you must work through. Have more patience and let your passion for making music motivate you to go forward.

The Final Word

Overall,the only secret to singing along with a guitar or any instrument is patience and passion for music. Everyone can learn to play guitar, but not everyone is blessed enough to pull out a song while playing the melody.

You can go over the techniques above on how to sing and play the guitar at once. If something is not clear,leave your queries in the comment box and wait for a quick response.