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Why We Created This Site

Hey all! We are a group of music geeks that love to try out the latest in digital instruments and write about them on this site.

We hope that you find the reviews interesting, fun to read, and most off all helpful. Buying a new musical instrument can be overwhelming. We try to cut through all the noise and guide you in your journey.

That way, you can get through the buying part and get on to the fun part: playing music! We love digital instruments because there is always something new to check out.

If you have any questions or comments, we always love to hear from you. Enjoy!

About Ray Loudre

Hi! My name is Ray Loudre. I’m a certified piano nerd, music geek and dog lover. I love to play music and write about it. I started this site with a few of my friends who also love to do the same. We check out some of the latest and best musical instruments out there and write up our opinions. Hope you enjoy!

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