Fun Music Games For Kids


Music brings happiness. Kinds of music can relate to what you are feeling: sadness, joy, pain, being thankful. Music has also been used to many purposes like lullabies for babies, serenading to your lover and lastly, for games especially with kids.

Music may come in different varieties. It can be hip-hop, jazz, rock and classical.

Playing games with the help of music brings joy and happiness to the kids. Not only would they enjoy, but also it is one of the best ways to show off their talents and skills. With the continuously improving ideas of people, they made music as part of the game.

We know that kids are much enjoying the games with a loud and with a surprisingly lively beat of the music. I’m sure everybody will get dance and enjoy the rhythm.

Below are the music games that we might be familiar with.

1. Limbo with music or The Musical Limbo

We do know that the game limbo will test your flexibilities. And with a twist, music will be played so children will have to shake their bodies and walk under the beam. It sounds great, right?

Materials needed

  • long stick or beam
  • a music player
  • a space to play.

Here’s how the children should play:

  • First, have two poles to hold the beam. If there’s none, two adults is not a problem. Now, place the long stick or beam is such a way that the kids will pass on it without exerting a lot of effort.
  • Second, make sure that you will play the music and the kids will have to dance to move and then, they should not touch the beam when they pass through it one after another.
  • Lastly, each round must the beam be lowered for a simple twist. Whoever touches the beam or the long stick will be eliminated from the game. Make sure that there is the only one left and that kid will be declared as the winner.

2. Party Island

Party island is not only good for teens and adult but also to the kids. This one is very popular and has been used to occasions like birthday parties, Christmas parties, and other special occasions.

To kids, this might be a little bit challenging and that they should use their spatial intelligence and techniques. Also, their balancing techniques will be challenged.

Materials needed

  • Music player
  • Space for dancing
  • Newspapers or magazine

Here’s how the children should play:

  • First, you should give each child a newspaper or magazines with the same sizes. Make sure that there is enough space to make them dance comfortably.
  • Second, let the music plays and lets the children dance outside the area of the newspaper. When the music stops, they should be stepping on the newspaper and stay there until for about 5 – 10 seconds, depending on the emcee or the host. If someone falls out their balance and step outside the paper, the kid should be eliminated from the game.
  • Lastly, for every elimination, the newspaper must be folded in half and see who’s standing until the end. The last kid standing will be declared the winner.

3. Stop Dance or the Musical Statues

Musical Statues has been known by many and is very popular to everyone. The mechanics are light and is easy to follow.

All you need is a music player and a space for dancing.

Here’s how the children should play:

  • First, you have to play music and make the kids dance
  • Second, when you see that they are falling on the rhythm, stop the music and the children must stop dancing. Whoever moves, either they will blink, sniff, giggles or even wobbles, will be out in the game.
  • Lastly, when the music starts again to play, the children can continue to play. With the same process, the last kid to conquer will be the winner.

4. Mood Music

Mood music is an excellent way to expose and introduce kids to different genres of music. By this, they can also know the emotions linked to them. Enhancing kids abilities with mixed of enjoyment will make them remember it fast. Also, this can also help children to connect their emotions with actions.

Materials needed

Music player ( contains a collection of music or songs portraying  the different emotions

Space for dancing

Here’s how the children should play:

  • First, pick a song that is appropriate for the kid’s age. Explain things like how should they behave when they’re angry, happy or sad.
  • Second, you should tell them that they have to dance according to the mood of the song played will you will mention it before playing the song.

The will be depending on the mood of the song. If you played a happy song, they must dance lively and show how happy they are. If you played a sad song, they can just simply sway away.

There are still so many music games that are best suitable and played by kids. Educational music games are also welcome and that is more likely to entertain and introduced especially for a young age. They will be enjoying the moment, but at the same time, they will be educated.


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